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Christmas Bare Bulb Replacement Lights - Clear - 300ct. 2.5volt

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Part Number:BBCLR-300
  • Quantity:300 ct
  • **NOTE** :These bulbs DO NOT have a slotted, tapered or pinched bottom!
Our 2.5volt Bare Bulb Replacement Christmas Lights fits any 50 or 100 count 2.5v Christmas tree light strings. Perfect for older Pre-Lit Artificial Christmas Trees or discontinued light strings where you can no longer find replacement bulbs.

Color: Clear

Bulb Specifications: 2.5 volt, 170 mA, 0.42 watt

Bulb Dimensions: Length of glass - 7/8" Length of wires - 3/8" Diameter of glass - 5 mm

**NOTE** These bulbs DO NOT have a slotted, tapered or pinched bottom!

Replacing the light bulbs is easy and just takes a couple of minutes.

First Step: Remove the burned out bulb and its plastic hulk from the light string socket

Second Step: straighten the two wires on either side of plastic husk and slide the bulb out.

Third Step: take your replacement bulb and separate to two wires so they line up with the holes at the bottom of the plastic husk and slide the wires through the holes

Fourth Step: blend the wires so they are flush with the sides of the plastic husk 

Fifth Step: re-insert plastic husk in to the light string socket

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