We were so pleased with your customer service we bought another tree this year. It is a 12 foot St. Claire, it was the last one they had and absolutely gorgeous. Thank you again for being such a customer oriented business. We have recommended Santa's Own to many of our friends, two of whom already purchased your tree!

Stephen & Charlene D. | Fenton, MI

I wanted to thank both of you for honoring your offer to replace 7 FT Snowkist that I had purchased Locally a year ago. You have certainly restored my faith in humanity by following through the new tree looks great! I also advised the local dealer how you look after your customers. Thank you and Merry Christmas.

Dixie G. | Ontario, Canada

Thanks for responding! I do love my tree and plan to use it for many years. Thanks again! 

Randy U. | Richmond, VA 

Melanie and I wanted to thank you and everyone at Santa's Own for working so hard to quickly resolve the problem with the bulb color in the replacement section we purchased for our Christmas tree. It's really nice to find a company that still understands what customer service is all about. So many companies seem to have forgotten how to serve their customers. Thanks again and have a very merry Christmas.

Roy S. | Brunswick, OH

I just want to thank you and your fantastic team for the absolutely, positively, incredible customer service (especially on this order). Keep watering and pruning those trees for next year and we'll do it all over again! Still chopping down our own real tree.

Luane K. | Carmel, NY

Let me just say thank you for your interest in my issue. Over the past week I have had to contact 3 other customer service departments at different companies. Those 3 experiences were quite frustrating and the issues were not solved. I appreciated your concern for my issue and the immediate resolution I received. All too often, you only hear from the dissatisfied customers. I am a satisfied customer and will look to your products first when the occasion arrives.

Charles W. | Harrington, DE

I purchased a Santa’s Own Tree. I took it home and found the tree was very easy to set up. The branches just folded down and the quality of the tree is unsurpassed. Needless to say it is the highlight of the room. We like it so well we bought two more style of Santa’s Own trees for other rooms. 

Kevin G. | Charlotte, NC

I just wanted you to know that I absolutely love my realistic 7.5' Noble Classic. It is hands down, the best artificial tree I have ever owned. I was very skeptical when the tree arrived ...it sat in my living room before Thanksgiving and I would look at it daily and shake my head saying "I don't know about this". When I got to shaping and decorating, it was absolutely beautiful. Thank you for all of your help and reassurance. A-one customer service!

Becky B. | Dixon, CA

We just bought your tree and i think it is so nice that you have this website and a "how to video". It will be so helpful when putting it up next year for the first time.

Dan. C | Albany, NY